Competition services
Provide top video and photography options to your clients and enable them to receive their videos
and photos before your event is over.*

Same Day videos

All of our events are shot using top of the line HD-cameras with industry experienced videographers.

Easy Purchase Options

  • Pre-event Ordering
  • On-site Kiosks (based on availability)
  • Post-event Ordering
Delivery Methods (All Available SAME DAY)*

  • Digital link
  • DVD
  • USB

same day photos

Our photo department consists of highly trained photographers experienced in capturing action and dance shots. All of our events are shot using top of the line DSLR cameras. Our easy to use ordering kiosks allow dance teachers, parents, and dancers to fully customize their order. Photos are then printed on the spot.
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LIVE Judge!

Provide “real-time” critiques to your studio owners allowing them to see their routines and hear the judges’ comments simultaneously. Through HD video and high quality audio, the “LIVE Judge” system will record judges' critiques while they are watching the routine. Studio owners are now able to see their routines through the eyes of the judges.

In addition, competition owners are able to configure how judges deliver their critiques. Whether it’s individual judge critiques or simultaneous group critiques, the possibilities are endless and fully customizable based on your needs.

* same day delivery is subject to availability in your city.